Where does the conference take place?

The Euregio Brain conference is organized by students of the IRTG 2150 from Aachen. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the conference will take place online. The platform used is gather.town.

Do I have to register?

Yes. Please register using the Sign-Up form on this website. While registering, make sure to let us know if you are willing to present a poster / give a talk or if you want to participate only.

Is there a participation fee?

No. Since this is a conference organized by students for students, the participation is free of charge.

Will I get a copy of the posters?

No. We will not upload the posters themselves. However, you will find the titles and authors of all posters on our poster page, so you will know whom to contact, if you have further questions on a topic.

How do I know if I will give a talk or present a poster?

Once you have sent your abstract, the organization team will review it. If your project is suitable for the conference, you will be informed via E-Mail. If you have registered as a student speaker, you will additionally be informed, whether you get one of the student talk spots. In case all spots are already taken, you will be asked to present a poster instead, so your project still gets introduced to the other participants.

What is the social event?

The social event is a chance to get to know other participants in a more informal context. Participation is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

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