What is it?

With it is possible to organize virtual conferences in an interactive and engaging way. Participants of the conference will design an avatar with whom they can walk around in a virtual conference space using the arrow keys or W, A, S, D on their keyboard.

How to get started?

When opening the link for the first time, you have the opportunity to personalize your avatar. When asked to fill out your name, please ensure to use your full name, so it is easier to be recognized by other people. Further, allow to use your microphone and camera.

How to interact with participants?


To directly interact with other participants, move your avatar closer to theirs in the main room. Both participants will be able to see each other via video and communicate via microphone. When moving further away, the videos will disappear and the microphone will be disconnected.


Alternatively, you can also use the messaging function to contact either someone who is nearby, a specific person or everyone. 

Make sure to check your messages for updates from the organizers.

Following someone 

By clicking on a person’s name in the left-hand menu, you can follow them. This way it is easier to keep talking.

Locate another participant

By clicking on a person’s name in the left-hand menu, it is also possible to locate someone on the map.

How to interact with objects?

Interacting with posters is possible by standing right in front of it and pressing the ‘x’ on your keyboard. This will open the poster in full screen. Once in the full screen, you can ask questions and point on the poster by clicking on the button as shown below. Presenters will be standing in front of the posters. 

Important to remember

  • Mute your microphone when entering a workshop, student talk or keynote lecture
  • As soon as you switch tabs, your audio and video will stop. Someone may ring you to bring your attention back to the tab.


In case you have any questions, you can identify the organizers by their outfit (shown on the right) or by approaching the Helpdesks in the main hall of