The International Research Training Group (IRTG 2150) is formed by scientists from JARA BRAIN, an initiative of the RWTH Aachen University and the Research Center Jülich, Germany, together with the University of Pennsylvania, USA. The IRTG investigates a clinically and societally relevant topic: the neurobiology of pathological aggression and impulsivity. Applicants on both sides provide the optimal research and training environments, longstanding cooperation, and the required expertise and experience to address this topic.

Clinicians frequently face pathological aggressive symptoms that pose major challenges for therapy. Impulsivity and aggression are multifactorial phenomena, and understanding the underlying neurobiology is still in its infancy. The IRTG  examines circuit models based on imbalance among striatal, limbic and frontal networks. To address those questions, the IRTG combines neuroimaging and behavioral research with neuropsychological, electrophysiological, neuroendocrinological, and molecular approaches in humans. Analogous research also be conducted in animal models, providing a translational approach.

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